how it all started

I’m staring at this page, hoping to fill it with funny, interesting and hopefully productive posts about my life during a PhD student. But the reality is – I just need to get away from my crazy supervisor so I don’t stab him right in eye, multiple times, with a chain saw so I hopefully cut his head off too.

No, seriously, I would just be glad if I could make it until the end of my PhD. After that, I couldn’t care less about him. For now, I’m just glad he doesn’t find out about this blog. I think my angry posts about wanting him to suffer would not be well perceived if he found them.

So, anyway…. I’ve change my life for this PhD, had to leave my family to start off (what I thought was) an amazing journey in a new country doing my PhD. I should known right from that Skype interview that this was gonna be a monumental disaster. Never jump into a life-changing adventure without meeting your boss in person, because let me tell you…. Skype makes it 10000% nicer and  warmer.

Yup, that’s it for now!



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