My boss just put me in probation

The problem is the same as always… I do nothing for someone who is paid a lot of money. According to my boss, I have zero productivity. I guess that’s right, no fuck that, that’s absolutely wrong! To say that I don’t work in any way for the benefit of the company is wrong because as everyone one else involved in the company, I help with the clients work, I deal with the dissemination of the company, deal with the accreditation of the company and many other fucking annoying things that steal my attention spam from the lab.

So, to say that I’m a nullity of a scientist squandering away everybody’s patient and time is completely not fair! And to bully me down saying what a disappointment I am is not gonna help the case. I guess the logical thing to do to improve my work productivity is to prohibit all things that make me focus more. Like headphones, no more headphones for you mister! I don’t care that you use them to tune out the office buzz! From now on, you have to endure all day with no headphones!  Also, no youtube, no facebook, no lunch break, no sitting at your desk for more than one hour straight! Better yet, you are forbidden to bring your laptop, desktop pc only! You are a scientist, and scientists belong in the lab, not at the desk. So, if you have nothing to do, make something up! Don’t make me regret hiring you even more that I do now! And that was the end of my boss’s speech.

Welcome to torture, my friend….


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