You can’t scare me, stupid deadline!

And here we are. Almost getting ready for the second-year assessment. Due in the next months, I should already have all my contents lined up, figured out how many/what chapters my report will include, what kind of data to present… how to wrap up my project in a nice story thread that will hopefully show off my progress and commitment to this PhD.

But no. I don’t know what to write, what data is relevant, how to organize my chapters, if the project is still relevant from the initial proposal…. anyway, a all bunch of crazy, neurotic doubts that guess what? Just make the writing process 1000x times harder.

Hey, I’m trying! Give me some credit here! I write a sentence a day. Good, hum? If I keep up at this rate, I can finish the report in 2025. I guess is a good timeline!

I blame my boss. Stupid “no headphones” policy! I have the attention spam of a fly! Can someone share with me the secret for a healthy writing process, please???? Because I feel like Dory: I’m writing, I’m writing, I’m writing, let me just refresh my facebook page, oohh! She’s engaged? What? He’s single now? Let me check if he’s still friends with his ex. No, she’s got a new bf. Just a 5 min break to check who he is.



1 hour later I’m still on freaking facebook stalking people. I should just graduate in facestalking.


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